Antique Marco Polo Piano & Bench

$350.00 by My Treasures Plus More in Gulfport, Aug 08
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Antique Marco Polo Piano & Bench in Keesler AFB
Antique Marco Polo Piano & Bench in Keesler AFB
Antique Marco Polo Piano & Bench in Keesler AFB
Antique Marco Polo Piano & Bench in Keesler AFB

This piano is an antique, and a very rare find. When tuned and the 3 hammers that broke fixed, it has a beautiful sound. I was told that the hammers could be fixed.
It does have a few nicks. Has a open and close piano bench. On the back bottom on left side, there is a piece of wood chipped that I have.

There are tiny nicks from moving so many times since 1987. The stool has a lot of nicks, from 2 young children. I always kept a golden brown velvet cloth over the seat. There is a piece of wood chipped off on the bottom left back corner that I have the piece in stool. The keys do stick from none usage which can be remedied. Two of the hammers are in the stool. It has been like that since 1987. Was told that they can be fixed, but I didn't worry about them because they were on the lower section on the right that I didn't play very much.
I was hoping that my son would take it for his boys, but they were interested in other things besides music instruments.

Are you the original owner?The piano was a gift from my children's great grandparents. Over the years, it was moved a lot in 1987-88. I moved 6 times before I am where I am now.

I was told that I could get more if I had the repairs done than what I have listed as since it is an antique and very rare. A place in CA. said that it would be worth at least $1500. The Marco Polo is one section of keys shorter than normal piano. I had a song writer & composer play it in a moving van one time, and he had all of the neighborhood standing in the rain trying to figure out where the music was coming from! He said that he had never heard a piano have such a beautiful sound!

Please don't hesitate to ask ?s.

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